Moving TV Aerials in Preston

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One of the issues we find when carrying out any roof work is having to move or take down the existing television aerial or satellite dish, as it is either on a chimney which is being re-pointed or taken down and re-built or loads of other reasons. This in itself is no trouble at all since we just disconnect the cables and unbolt the dish or cut down the lashing wire holding the aerial mast up there. The problem occurs when we come to re attach the aerial for instance and point it i the same direction as the other antennas in the same road, but once all connected up the TV doesn’t pick up any signal. I’ve lost count of the number of jobs over the years where this has happened.

To stop any of this kind of thing happening again, I use a local engineer to re install the TV Aerials. The chap I use and highly recommend is  & I’ve used him a few times over the years. Most of my building work is in and around the Preston, Leyland areas, and I know that the transmission for that area is from winter hill near Bolton. I asked the engineer why as an Aerial Installer Preston area should be sometimes problematic. He said that when you move these old antennas they often just give up the ghost. They are often weathered and old, and although they have been working fine for over 20 years, they are on their last legs. So when they get jostled around and moved about they just break and fail.

digital tv aerial

He always offers to install a new digital approved TV Aerial, since he knows he can guarantee that it’ll be right for many years to come. Like the one pictured, which is a log periodic aerial, you’ll notice it has no balum or back reflector which is good for lessening the wind resistance. The thing about any electrical equipment is if you can avoid moving it or even touching it, then do so, because it can be more trouble than its worth.

Where to find Local Builders in Preston

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Searching for any kind of tradesman online can be fraught with problems. Often one of the most difficult things is to know what search term to look for. Then there is knowing what to look for in a good tradesman, if the testimonials on their website are genuine or not. Are they accredited with anything from their trade bodies and again if they are is in authentic. Below is an email we received from a couple who went the right way about finding a good local builder;

‘Recently we undertook the task of getting an extension built at the rear of our property in Preston, Lancashire. As none of our friends or family had recently used local builders preston we were left trawling the internet for a decent qualified Master Builder. We also used facebook and asked those friends and acquaintances if they knew of anyone and if they could recommend a master builder in Preston.

After a little work we came across a few local firms which looked like they were worth further investigation. Ultimately when looking for any trade it is important t0 be able to talk to their latest customers as they’ll give you a good indication of the kind of firm you’d be employing. In the end after speaking to their previous customers we went for a firm called Dewhurst-Hughes.Construction based in Kirkham, Preston. They had a good number of happy customers and had built many extensions in the area which we were able to take a look at.

Nothing builds up your confidence more than being able to speak to people who have had work done by the construction company you are looking to employ and for them to recommend them. Also seeing the finished home extensions for ourselves also helped us to make the right decision.’

Builders Preston

  Finished house extension in preston

Although you may feel that this may take some time to do, we recommend taking these steps to finding qualified local builders in your area to take on whatever projects you are thinking of taking on.